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Poster: Judge TOOTMO Date: Jan 27, 2011 10:14am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: double-recording eliminates cuts due to reel-flips

"After smoking my bowl outside, I'm messing with Ali's head,"

You sure about that Monte? Cause I'm looking at you in the first pic and you're kind of wavering which is really strange since this is photograph. I'm thinking you held it just a little too long and now your trying to enter another dimension. Of course, could just be that shirt you're wearing.


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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Jan 27, 2011 10:54am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: double-recording eliminates cuts due to reel-flips

I worked as a broadcast video engineer in the State of Qatar for one year, in 1994. I was responsible for installing the systems, maintaining the equipment, and training the staff for Qatar CableVision's 28-channel wireless MMDS system. MMDS stands for Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service, which is also known as Wireless Cable.

Qatari meltdown > Nepalese hashish > Filipina lover > British petrol engineer's villa

Hippie > Deadhead > Taper > Electronics > Soundman > AA Degree > Ampex > 30-year electronics career in Broadcast Systems

My many hundreds of Muslim men friends in Qatar included: Qataris, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, Sri Lankans, Egyptians, Turks, Somalis, Ethiopians, Lebanese, and Palestinians... just to name a few. These men were honorable, peaceful, respectable, and hard-working family men. My one-year's stay in Qatar was way, way "over-the-top." I have many very cool and unique stories to tell about this insanity.

here's one of my Business Cards

My employer was a Denver outfit named TVCN. We were deploying $multi-million systems and video technology for Q-Tel, the Qatari Telephone Company. We were the only outfit in the world that was able to meet Qatar Cable Vision's needs, which they tendered out in a worldwide contract bid offering: design and build a 28-channel MMDS wireless cable TV system for the State of Qatar; transmission signal must be scrambled and secure; provide QCV with real-time censoring systems for 2 cable-TV channels (France's Canal Channel was one); and, provide QCV with a computer-automation system for delivering Hong Kong's MTV Channel in a 24-hour, tape-delayed format, to be edited and censored.

Very few people know what happened over there. The first customer (subscriber) installations were done for The Emir of Qatar, and for all 4 of his wives' residences! Next in line were all the bigtime Sheikhs, starting with the most powerful ones, and working down the list. I met them, and I visited the largest Mosques in Doha. Qatar's C.I.D. investigators ran a thorough and lengthy background check on me, using a fine-toothed comb. After that, I was issued the rare and coveted Multi-Entry Visa. They trusted me. I traveled around the region.

here's my passport with Multi-Entry Visa

my Filipina Lover in Qatar -- her name is Daisy -- she lived in a hostel in Doha

I was making love with Daisy at Simon's villa, which was my "safe haven." Simon was one of hundreds of British petrol engineers working for QGPC (Qatar Gas & Petroleum Corp). They had their own neighborhood. Another British petrol engineer's son befriended me. He was a non-Muslim, and he was very openly gay! This kid spent his life growing up Qatar. He was a math-wiz, and an excellent computer graphics designer and animator. We worked together. He knew some very, very powerful Qatari youngsters living there, out in the countryside, on a huge farm. And these Qatari Muslims supplied me with the finest Nepalese hash in Qatar. We sprinkled it in with tobacco, and it was smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes. I was very well-supplied by them. I smoked dope nearly everyday while I was in Qatar. During Ramadan these guys were saying, "No more drinking alcohol at this time. We're only smoking hashish during Ramadan."